History of Slots: Legend Origin

The history of slots numbers 120 years of non-stop dreaming, development and domination. One armed bandits' last century blitzkrieg was massive and influential - from then on millions of enthusiasts play slot machines with joy. No modern casino could be imagined without slot machines - noisy, glowing and so desired.

In this article we offer you insistently to follow all the activity milestones. Watch through the history of slots most memorable dates and be sure - each time you pull the lever (push the button) - you touch the legend's history.

History of Slots: Game Milestones

1895 - San Francisco, California. Charles Fey invents the first slot machine named Liberty Bell. The invention presents 3 spinning reels with 5 symbols - hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes and Liberty Bell itself (the row combination of which produces the biggest win and payoff). The Liberty Bell slot machine gains a great popularity and copied by many manufacturers.

1907 - Mills Liberty Bell machine is introduced as a result of Fey and Mills Novelty Company partnership. The invention is made of cast iron; slot reels feature the card symbols (Jack, Queen, King); the Mills Liberty Bell machine is crowned with bell which signals when the a player hits a winning combination. The basic slot machine design is born.

1910 - Herbert Mills, Chicago manufacturer, introduces a slot machine called Operator Bell. The slots are placed in most saloons, cigar stores, bowling alleys, barber stores and brothels. The invention first features fruit symbols (bar, cherry, plum etc.) 100 pounds weight is still a problem.

1915 - The wooden slots exclude the iron ones.

1930's - The history of Slots crucial point. The Mills Novelty Company makes significant changes in slot machines design and mechanics. Thus the slots evolve noticeably - they become more quiet, but more colorful and attractive; the double jackpot option is introduced.

1940's - slots capture more and more gambling establishments. The game popularity increases quickly. The slot machines become the top earners for casinos.

History of Slots: Modern Days

1950's - The Big Bertha - first electro-mechanical slot machine is introduced.

1964 - Money Honey machine enters the gambling world. Equipped with electrical components, the invention possesses amusing sound and light effects and quickly enjoys wide popularity. Plus multiple coin gameplay and higher jackpots are okay.

1980's - the era of computerized slot machines is launched. Sircoma Company blows the gaming world with a video poker slot machine. From now on the players get more activity options to perform.

Nowadays the slot machines possess the random number generator, totally automatized and easy of access. The payoffs become larger and thus now the life is brighter. The slot types are uncountable and the bonuses are unbelievable - the gambling empire flourishes no doubt.

Plus the introduction of internet slots only adds oil to the fire of wellbeing.

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