Slot Machine Stories: Myth Busters

The slot machines activity is cloaked in myths and different untruthful slot machine stories. The origin and existence of some is caused by ignorance or/and naivety. People, in whole, like to be mistaken. They think the lack of mystery (read fiction) may influence the lack of amusement and fun in their lives. Well then, this is also a point of view.

The slot machine stories embody the majority of gambling myths as some of players want to see more in this simple game of chance. Plus the false sense of game control while you play slot machines attracts many.

So let's bust most of the gambling myths and stop believe in slot machine stories.

Slot Machine Stories and Delusions

  • Hot machines notion really means nothing. It's believed by some enthusiasts that if a slot machine haven't hit for a long time - must be generous after that. But the true is the previous results of playing never influence the next spin. It makes no difference for a random number generator whether successful gameplay precede your slots gaming or poor. Understand your chances and past results - two unbound notions.
  • And vice versa - after jackpot machine becomes cold. As we already have said - the RNG features random results management. Thus you never know what combination will be the next and the big payments don't influence this chance scheme. So the chance to hit a new jackpot after a jackpot combination you got - the same as not to hit it once more.

    Thereby you may have hot or cold stakes at lunch - not the hot or cold streaks while slots performing.

  • The winning combinations frequency depends on bets amount. It's another slot machine stories and delusions issue. Be sure, the RNG doesn't take into consideration the number of coins dropped into the slot machine. You may hit a jackpot with $5 play as well as with $5 000 bets.
  • The slot machine cards usage lowers your chances to hit a winning combination and win slots money. Untrue. Another myth to be busted and delusion to put out of mind. And again - the RNG doesn't care for what system of betting you employ - the cash one or via cards. And if it is - the winning combinations probability is equal for all.
  • Casino officials can push the "jackpot button" and thus reward a loyal player. The chance of this is excepted be sure. Such a device would be illegal. RNG - legal, all-powerful and all-embracing - only!

So now you may say - I'm adult informed enough not to believe in slot machine stories.

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