Slot Player Etiquette: 5 Rules To Follow

Each man activity must correspond to norms and standards of behavior. And the gambling activity such as slots is not an exception indeed. And even more - the crowded gambling house with increased tension - is the real proving area for a slot player good behavior.

The slots game is rather solitary activity which doesn't require communication with others actually. But still you ought to consider the following slot player tips ad recommendations in order not to create misunderstandings and additional tension.

In this article we try to enumerate the most principal rules of conduct for each gambler to follow. The enumerated tips are universal for most types of slots and obligatory to familiarize at least.

Remember the right actions will cause the right incomes, and vice versa - the bad results for a player follow after bad actions immediately.

Recommendations on Slot Player Behavior

  1. Play free machines only. Never let yourself to occupy the slot machine which was already been reserved by other player. The coin cups placed on handles or seats signal you that this very place is not available. So respect the player who may go to bathroom or else and just pick another sit. In addition in some casinos the slot attendants may also be stayed on guard to look after machine.
  2. Occupy a single machine only. Some players prefer to play slots on several machines at a time - in order to fasten the game play or else. But during the crowded times such an action may be considered as misbehave actually. And even in some casinos it's okay to place special signs which restrict the multiple machines playing. At all events - don't be selfish and be good for others as the slots must be free for players who want to play.
  3. Act with lost cards generously. The bad memory becomes customary for many people no doubt. So if you find the previous player card left in the slots - just put it on the top of machine. Thus the absent-minded person may find his/her card easily.
  4. Smoking. Being a slot player and chasing the slot reels - don't forget the universal manners of good behavior. So if you are a smoker and it's okay to smoke at the casino you play - then just do it with care and do not disturb the other players with nervous puffing.
  5. Tipping. Generosity is a personal decision of each player. Thus if you want to thank the house for service you receive or you win at slot machines great deal of money and the mood is festive - then you may tip the slots attendant or else. The sum of your tipping may vary in accordance with your winning or personal character as well.

We hope that slot player etiquette rules will be helpful and you consider them well. And never forget the next universal rule: "Do unto others as you would have done to you."

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