Open Up Slot Secrets

Everyone has secrets. It mustn't be a skeleton in the closet obligatory. Some issues are just slightly hidden and unnoticeable for ordinary sight. And all is needed - just a little push to open your eyes wide and clear.

We sure you enjoy this article much as it raises the curtain of slot secrets. We offer you a list of most helpful and amusing slot secrets to consider and enjoy while reading. Play slot machines with no secrecy between you and machine.

Slot Secrets: To Know the Score

  • Secret #1 - frankly speaking, despite all the variety of types of slots, all the slot machines are basically the same. Behind this vivid facades and astonishing graphic matters the whole point is that this is only an appearance. The essence of each machine, either with Star Wars or just cow symbols, always stays the same. The principles of gameplay are universal - you just drop the coin and wait for results of spinning.
  • Secret #2 - the slot machine payouts are randomly generated as and the whole slots game process (it is logical, isn't it?). The special microprocessors rule the machines and generate thousands of win-lose combinations every second, each day and night. Thus all these payout schedules have no sense load at all.
  • Secret #3 - you should avoid playing 4- or 5-reel slots. Each extra reel lowers your chances to win significantly.
  • Secret #4 - play with coins, not with credits. Having a pile of coins by your side it's easy to control you bankroll - all is obvious and clear. While it's quite easy to lose the sense of your slots money when feel only a cold plastic rectangle in your hand. Just slow down when the pile of cash decreases. Fast gameplay always plays the casino hand.
  • Secret #5 - the notion 'hot slots' do really exist. In order to attract more players, casinos put favorable and loose slots in heavy-traffic areas and visible locations, where the crowds of visitors usually gather. Thus people see other players winning these hot slots and yield the temptation to play easily.
  • Secret #6 - as the hot slots are possible - then the cold ones are also exist. They are usually placed in airports, gas stations, bus terminals or drug stores. Have you seen players winning there?
  • Secret #7 - is another member of slot secrets that states - there is no best way in betting at all. Minimal, maximal, normal - it's totally up to you.
  • Secret #8 - the winning at slots is a pure case of luck. As in keno or state lottery. So there is no slots strategy - in full meaning of this notion. You may observe only general recommendations on what is slots and how to play them with more fun.

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