Slots Guide: Basic Rules Review

The slots activity is a game of millions. It's easy for any player in any region of our beloved planet to launch the cherisher slot reels and try to catch the luck. Slots - it's easy, trendy and profitable when you know the rules well and do not risk the money for your children university.

So what are the slot machine game basic rules and principles - let's find out via the slots guide article.

Slots Guide: Principle Points on Game

Let's make it in the following way:

  • A person needs money to start the game - the coins or cash are inserted into the machine itself;
  • The price per spin the player must pay to enter the game differs from 1 cent up to $100 000 per credit;
  • The slot machine is activated with the help of lever or button. The newest machines feature a touchscreen to operate;
  • The game doesn't involve skills of players and requires chance only;
  • Each player is aiming to win money from slot machine actually;
  • The main principle of the game is the matching of symbols, either on special mechanic reels or simulated reels which are shown on the video screen;
  • The number of reels usually totals 3 or 5;
  • The symbols of slots may vary significantly and thus present a separate topic to discuss - the slots info on various symbols itself;
  • The slot symbols are usually bright, big and recognizable: it may be numerals, fruits, shapes or letters etc. The animated cartoon characters as well as illustrations of celebrities are also possible;
  • The slots feature the set of winning combinations which are usually printed on the game machine itself. Thus a player may consult these charts and if he/she matches the combination present in the list - the machine pays the money for a player automatically;
  • The winning combinations and their payouts differ from game to game, area to area;
  • The number of paylines (according to which the winning combinations are set) may vary significantly - e.g. the video slot machines may have 9, 15 or even up to 100 paylines;

The whole thing concerning slots guide is rather simple and obvious. You just insert money - push the button / pull the lever - wait for combination arrive - win money if the paylines show any winning combination / lose your wagers is they match none.

Slots Extra

It's not out of place to mention that the slot machine activities feature a set of strategies and tips for a serious player to consider. Plus you'll need the persistent terminology study on slots. And it's always up to you what slots type to choose and play:

  • Straight slots;
  • Reel slots;
  • Progressive slots;
  • Video and/or online slots.

What is slots

Slot tips

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