Slots Info on Symbols: Pictures Inside

The slot machine symbols actually (or any slots info concerning this subject) seem to be the pictures marked on the slot reels. The principal aim of the game is to match these symbols in special winning combinations. If the reel stops and the pay lines show the winning set of symbols - then player wins.

In fact, there is a great amount of different slot symbols which range from game to game, casino to casino. Plus slots info on this topic may be found easily via numerous internet sites or special book.

In this article we try to familiarize you with the most popular slot symbols and provide you with sufficient slots info concerning this theme.

Slots Info on Symbols: Choose Favorites

  • 3D Slots - one of the modern trends of nowadays slots industry. The graphical design and computer technology development influences the slots design upgrade and thus you may enjoy the colored and three-dimensional symbols while playing 3D slots. The new approach to slots appearance adds more entertaining to regular gameplay.
  • Celebrity Slots type is another variant for you to choose. If you seem to be the movie-liker or music fan - then you appreciate this type of slots no doubt. Meet the heroes of Gladiator film or even try to hit the jackpot with Frank Sinatra's help. And let the force be with you when you play Star Wars slots.
  • No matter what types of slots you prefer - the genuine old-school gamblers will play Fruit Slots for sure. These ones are very simple but still fascinating. The slot machines classics - what can be better than that?
  • James Bond slots - is another obvious attempt to follow the fashion. Risk with Sean Connery, be on the edge with Roger Moore and always win with Pearce Brosnan in company. And don't forget to order martini - shaken, not stirred.
  • Kitty Glitter slots will praise the gamblers who are still kids deep in their mind. It's always a good choice for those who just want to change the official air of regular casino to an easy and relaxing gaming.
  • Try to be in super-hero boots with Super Man slots activity. Plus muscle the World Save bonus chances and become a winner in the long term.
  • World Cup Soccer slots will put you on a training bench as a manager (responsible for slots money perhaps) or let you to try on the football shirt and boots. Show your pro skills - pace, concentration and dribbling (if it is necessary) and score the final mark - the golden Cup itself.

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