Slots With Bonus: Play and Win More

Each gambler seeks for best gameplay, highest payouts and most favorable odds. The slot tips cover all these issues for discussion and recommend you slots with bonus gameplay. This is a right choice for a player who is striving for extra fun and money.

With slots with bonus variant to play - you win more at slots which are just as easy and enjoyable to perform as regular ones. Just drop the coin and wait for results - the extra pays and additional rounds wait for you.

Slots with Bonus from Within

It's stated that the Internet slots activity is one of the most popular among the mature gamblers and regular gamers as well. These slots are easy to get, play and win - thus and enjoy. Additionally you may choose your favorable slot machine game among the great variety of slots themes and types.

Slots with bonus aspect is a key one as well in internet gaming. Let's consider the 2 main groups of slots with bonus gameplay and observe their peculiarities.

  • REEL BASED slots with bonus: appears at reels while their spinning actually. Usually when a player gets 3 or more feature symbols on a pay line - the bonuses are count. We may distinguish reel based slots with bonus into 5 types:
    • Free spins are awarded to a player as a bonus and their meaning is actually quite understandable.
    • Cascades bonus removes the symbols in winning paylines and then replaces them with new ones. This procedure doubles the player winning chances.
    • Hold and Spin allows player to hold some reels and to spin the others he/she wants. This bonus doubles your chances to win slots money as a rule.
    • Wild features complement the winning combination with needed symbol.
    • Symbol Slide is a bonus that makes it possible the symbol slides across the reels.
  • NON-REEL BASED slots with bonus: is more exciting and sophisticated procedure for a player. It features additional mini-games as a rule - designed with enjoyable graphics and sound. The themes of mini-games vary significantly and may be very surprising no doubt. So all you need is to hit fit symbols and enjoy the extra gameplay:
    • Wheel of Fortune is a bonus game with a wheel featuring various prizes for beginners to spin and enjoy.
    • Pick a Box requires only player luck and offers old fashion gameplay. Plus the game features a multi-level variant.

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