Chicken Strategy for Slots: Tips that Laid the Golden Eggs

Or maybe not. Maybe the eggs will stay in the nest. That's the slots issue you can't be sure for 100%. But still there must be some strategy for slots gaming to employ! Even regarding this activity to be a pure game of luck.

In this case the strategy for slots is likely to be the entertaining factor for players. Or a key issue for those who need some guide sprocket by all means - whether they play real slot machines or perform them online.

So what's the point in chicken strategy for slots? Let's consider it in the following paragraphs.

Chicken Strategy for Slots Basics

The basic principle of chicken strategy for slots lays in the following: you don't perform slots for a long time at one machine - you abandon it, move to the next one and never back to the previous ones.

The name of this strategy is caused by a nickname of the player who runs from one machine to another during the game. Thus we have a "Chicken Behavior" in a casino here.

Follow the next procedures in order to lead your chicken strategy for slot:

  • Decide your slots money bankroll before you start the actual gameplay and split the whole sum in equal parts. These parts are destined for each slot machine you are going to play. Thus, at the best, the number of parts matches the number of machines you'll perform;
  • Keep in mind all the machines you have already visited and never back to them again that day/night. It's okay to make notes on them;
  • Whether the machine let you win or lose - abandon it once you play it;
  • After all the sessions of chicken strategy for slots are done - you may either leave casino with money/nothing or split the income again. The new equal portions are ready to enter the machines in the next parts of the casinos or some internet slots rooms.

The strategy for slots is rather abstract notion, as it already been mentioned. But still you may employ some recommended procedures in order to vary your regular gameplay and add more fun to it.

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