Slots Terminology Study: ABC on Slots

Now we offer you to consider the basics of slots terminology study. If you want to understand what is slots more clear than you should master this terminology study no doubt.

Remember the knowledge is a key to success. So watch through this slots notions short guide and be able to recognize the game terms with ease.


Bet Max - the button for a player to push and thus to place a maximum coins bet

Bonus Feature - terminology study member deals with any extra way to win more money in addition to regular reel pays

Bonus Video Slot - free spins, pick a box and/or wheel of fortune extra options for a player. Usually found in video slot machines gameplay

Buy a Pay - one hand bandit that has several payoff schedules in possession. The more coins are dropped into a machine - the more schedules are available. The max bet strategy is crucial

Buttons - form the operating front of each slot machine. A player must press them in order to interact with slots



Coins - the terminology study item describes the currency units used to play slots (place bets)


Double Up - an option present in Australian slots mainly. Offers to double up a win by choosing the cards suit or color


Fruit Machine - the UK name of slot machines


Hi/Low - the additional option in UK slots. Offer a player to double the win with a right choice - whether the next number is going to be higher or lower

Hit Rate or Frequency - a term describes how often slots pay a winning combination

Hopper - the place inside a machine where all the coins are stored


Jackpot - the highest win possible on slots


Maximum Bet - the possible max bet for a game in coins

Multi-Line - a slot machine which offers more than 1 pay line


Pay Line - the line a player must match with symbols in order to get a winning combination

Pay Out - the percentage of player bets which will be paid back by machine in a long term. This % is fixed by manufacturers and, in fact, cannot be changed by the gambling house owners

Pay Table - shows the winning combinations and their payoffs

Progressive Jackpot - the jackpot which grows all the time gamblers play slots. A % of all bets form its sum


Random Number Generator (RNG) - the computer device inside the slots machine that determines the slot reels spinning results

Reels - the section of slots which spin after the start button is pushed. Form the game outcomes and slots gameplay actually.


Slot Machine - any kind of gambling machine which uses reels

Symbols - the illustrations marked on reels and determine the main principle of slots gameplay


Video Slots - one hand bandit that substitutes the regular physical screen and reels with computer ones.


Wild Symbol - any symbol which plays the role of a joker in slots

Winning Combination - a set of symbols rewarded by money

What is slots

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