Your Personal Guide on Types of Slots

Each week the thousands of gambling enthusiasts line up for action and fun, money and adrenaline at the casinos. A huge line of attempts - series of ups and downs - feature the gambling world atmosphere.

There is nothing better that to play a couple of slot machine games that have really perfect features and provide you with a fantastic opportunity to bin big. Of course, not all the players choose slots, as there too many casino games to try.

Some players choose old-school poker, other play slot machines - chase for jackpot, the third with a sinking heart follow the roulette ball click the pocket edges.

No matter who you are - the aim is the same. You want win more money - for Beech-Nut or Carrera GT.

And be sure - the more you know about the game you perform - the more chances for winning you possess. is designed to attract new players interest to casino industry.

Types of Slots Actually

Go over to types of slots actually and let's try to know the opponent by sight.

For better understanding we will divide the slot machine activities into 4 general types. This division is caused by game principles and mechanics + payouts matters mainly.

  • The Straight slots type comes first as it possesses quite stable rules and principles regarding the payouts. The jackpot pay is constant and unchangeable in this variant plus straight slots, by-turn, may be divided in 4 types:
    • Multipliers
    • Bonus multipliers
    • Wildcard slots
    • Buy a pay slots
  • The reel slots variant is believed to be the predecessor of any modern slot activity. Starting with "3 reels x 10 symbols = 1 000 combinations", finally it grows into a huge industry featuring HT services for players. Thus nowadays each player may choose:
    • The number of reels and pay lines to form the further gameplay;
    • What sum of money to bet per 1 spin;
    • Additional bonuses and extra rounds to play and win.
  • Progressive slots add more suspense to regular gameplay with accumulating jackpot. Thus the payouts for Final Combination are enormous (life changing as the saying goes) but still the chances to get the final shot are also hard to belief.
  • Follow the evolution firm step with video slot machines type. Let the computerized machine decides your destiny - adding more paylines and winning combinations + higher payouts to a regular gameplay. Plus you may enjoy free game modes, extra bonuses and surprising rounds which vary your multi-colored and graphic-designed gameplay no doubt.

And it's not necessarily to experience only one of the list - you may perform them all. Each of types possesses its own specific feature - obligatory to master and try.

What is slots

Slot tips

  • slot player etiquette

    Follow the fair-play slots recommendations. Behave yourself and be sure you'll play with fun and ease. Improve your playing time via helpful recommendations.

  • slot secrets

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