Progressive Slots: Full of Suspense

Most of the people always want more and more. And only minority is thankful for small mercies. The last ones may skip this article. The maximalists follow us.

In this text we'll consider the progressive slots - ambitious, suspenseful and entertaining types of slots member. If your life credo is "all or nothing" - then this type of slots is created especially for you.

Still don't get fascinated? So be sure progressive slots offer jackpots which are larger than usual and sometimes the single winning combination can change your life forever.

Progressive Slots Basics

The thing is progressive slots are considered to the group of slot machines which are linked together via network. Thus all the players' money enters the networked machines - form the big progressive jackpot actually.

That actually means the progressive jackpot is always rising as a snow ball while the players perform slots. And finally the player who hits the cherished winning combination takes it ALL. So brush aside all bad luck superstitions and run for it just now.

It's not out of place to mention that the chance to get Big Jackpot influences the regular payoffs and thus lower them. So be ready to pay a heavy price for this chance.

Now it's time to pass on to main variants of progressive slots.

Progressive Slots Variations

  • Stand Alone machine for slots has no connections with other one hand bandits. This machine still takes percentages from each coin enter the currency gap but being alone in this gathering - possesses lesser jackpot payments. In fact, the jackpot is still unfixed and usually the special meter on the machine front shows the players - what is the final prize for now.
  • In-House (Proprietary) progressive slots form the linked group of machines as it was already described above. These machines are totally operated and owned by casinos. They are usually united in a network under the roof of only one casino. It's not multi-million jackpots yet, but still the sum of winning cash may be generous enough to buy a small yacht or huge Cadillac Escalade.
  • And here we are. Find out the truth of progressive slots with Wide Area slots. These Machines offer jackpots that change your life at once. These giants form a huge network with many casinos and operated by independent structures. But you know the golden rule: the higher payoffs - the lesser chances to get them. So don't be surprised and even more - naïve, on subject of slots money and chances to get them.

But still if lady luck shines on you and you feel confident in your strength - why don't you try and make the dream happen!

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