Play and Run Slot Machine Strategy Guide

Playing slots you hope for luck only. Golden rule of slots gaming, isn't it? This activity requires no skills, no actual study or pre-practicing, and practically no slot machine strategy matters at all. You just drop a coin in the slot, push the button / pull the lever and wish luck for yourself.

It's a pure prerogative of slot machine stories to create some winning strategy issues and discuss them seriously. We won't play the fool with the readers and say the following openly: there is no way to win more money at slots with the help of some strategies. There is no slot machine strategy at all. In a pure meaning of the word 'strategy' at least.

Only some general recommendations exist - to aid a player and protect him/her from obvious and foolish mistakes. Other, so-called strategies, are aiming to vary the players' regular gameplay. They play the role of some guides - useless but still possible (for those who want to add some sense in slots gameplay).

Play and Run slot machine strategy is a kind of that.

Play and Run Slot Machine Strategy Principles

The score of Play and Run strategy is the next: you play machine when it pays and you leave once it stop paying. Abandon machines the time they stop to deliver money and run to the next one. Quite a reasonable idea, isn't it?

No emotions and sentimental during the game at all - only sober view of things.

Plus always watch for machines with the highest payback ranks and slot machine payouts for winning combinations. In addition perform only minimal bets. These factors are crucial for Play and Run slot machine strategy.

Not out of place to mention two basic notions of the strategy under consideration:

  • Naked Pulls means number of unlucky reel spins the player can afford before he/she abandons the machine. E.g. you decided 10 naked pulls to be max after which you switch over to the next one hand bandit;
  • Loss Limit is another limitation for a player employing the Play and Run slot machine strategy. It deals with bankroll and sets the maximum borders for money you may spend at one machine.

The slot machine strategy recommendations given above are still a weak help in win at slot machines chances. Nevertheless, Play and Run strategy adds more meaning and order to a regular gameplay and provides player with sense that the game is under control. False, but still a pleasant feeling.

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