Slot Machine Cheats: The History of One Robbery

Before we start our discussion on slot machine cheats it would be helpful for you to keep in mind the following facts:

  • The slot machine cheats action is placed on the same footing as the pure robbery, stealing the money actually. Thus the casinos treat you as a chief if you decided to robber them. And penalize you accordingly;
  • Slot machine cheats procedure is likely to be a tough case and we don't suggest you even to try it. Learn slots guide and perform fair play instead;
  • Each year the casinos improve their guard technologies and make their slots more secure.

Famous Slot Machine Cheats

You may google Tommy Glenn Carmichael bio who is considered to be the most successful person among the slot machine cheats. He has introduced the Monkey's Paw which is a trigger for slots payout mechanism actually. As a result he went to a jail and casinos created a shield against this technique.

Nowadays Tommy Glenn Carmichael works for gambling industry and creates anti-cheating devices.

Slot Machine Cheats: Mini-Lights and Counterfeits

One of the most successful ways to cheat at slots is to use mini-light. This special device lights at the slots sensors and confuse the coins count. This technique worked for a while but nowadays the machines are protected from mini-light influence.

Switch over to more rudimentary slot machine cheats. Thus a player who wants to win at slot machines more may use counterfeit coins (the notion slugging is also used). This method may work from time to time but still - the nowadays technologies work miracles.

Also we may consider the coin-on-a-string technique as a kind of old-school slot machine cheats. And we sure you know the answer already - casinos introduces the counter measures and this technique sinks into oblivion. In fact, the club cards are likely to be used in modern casinos to control your bankroll and exclude cheating.

Slot Machine Cheats: Play Drama

Being a sophisticated slot player with some acting talents, you may perform the next drama story on gambling house stage directly.

Step by step:

  • Be a witness of jackpot hitting;
  • Watch the happy player taking the money and leaving his/her place;
  • Take his/her machine at sight;
  • Claim for everybody to hear that you have won jackpot but machine failed to pay you;
  • As the machine screen shows the jackpot has been paid caption (and the slots may malfunction) + you are so convincingly playing your role - there is a chance for you to fool the casino.

If only casino cameras won't notice your Hollywood-style performance.

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