Video Slot Machines: Q and A

On this page you will find out how the video slot machines differ from other types of slots. This info is helpful for you to make a right choice of activity to perform.

It's a well-known fact that slots activity shares the Olympus of gambling world with such incredibly popular games as roulette or blackjack. The slot machine games are always easy to play and being a very popular activity they possess a number of variations.

Video Slot Machines Facts

  • Video slots is a pure game of chance as well as a common variant of the game;
  • Unlike the regular slots in which the reels rotate in parallel set, video slot machines symbols are set in grids and during the spin all the symbols rotate independently in each cell;
  • The game process is fully controlled by computer - in addition the payoffs are also under a watchful eye of machine;
  • Video slot machines usually possess more pay lines in comparison with standard slots. Plus they may diverge in many ways as the grids feature more ways to angle the pay lines;
  • Electronic interface potential features such favorable options for a player as significant side bets and bonuses;
  • The graphical design adds more excitement and joy to a standard gameplay;
  • The virtual reels may possess from 20 up to 100 symbols the slots info on which is always accessible;
  • The odds of the video slot machines are practically the same as the chances to win in regular land-based slot machine;
  • The payment schedules and charts are usually accessible after a single click on a special menu item;
  • Video slot machines usually offer free games for a player to try his luck and get acquainted with basic game principles and procedures.

Video Slot Machines Choice

Thus we may state a fact that the video slot machines differ slightly from the regular casino gameplay and in addition they possess such pleasant extras as:

  • High rates of payoffs + additional bonuses and rounds;
  • Quick and easy choice between different types of slots (reels slots, progressive slots, Bonus slots etc.) to launch and play;
  • Unlimited gameplay + free games option.

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